Red Ribbon Week Videos
Receive a 2014 Red Ribbon Week Video From Prevention Specialist¬†FABIAN RAMIREZ. Fabian takes a “big brother” approach to drug education in this video series.

This Drug Prevention curriculum is designed for schools and organizations to use during Red Ribbon Week. Video curriculum includes the following topics:

  • History of Red Ribbon Week
  • Abusing Over-The-Counter drugs (OTC)
  • Alcohol
  • Abusing Prescription drugs
  • Marijuana

Fabian is the most requested youth speaker for Red Ribbon Week year after year and now you have an opportunity to receive access to one of his new videos, just for signing up.

When is Red Ribbon Week 2014?

October 23-31, 2014

Where is it celebrated?

Nationwide, especially in schools and businesses.

What a great way to kick-off Red Ribbon Week. Picture all your students watching this video and then being so intrigued that they start talking about drug prevention and what they can do at their local school to help reduce the demand for drugs.

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